Underground Fortress Tour

Mary, Peter, Sam and I went to ask Jarkof about the underground tour and he was able to contact the guide and said we could go at 1pm. As it was 10am we decided to go get some breakfast and ended up at eating at a café that is in an old train car, but we... Continue Reading →

Novi Sad part II

May 10 On account of not getting home until after 1am and my roommate being quite the creeper, I had a very late start to my day. I was also talking to the hostel owner about a guide for the underground part of the fortress as Milos had said he knew a guy. Jarkof (the owner... Continue Reading →

Victory Day!

May 9 It was a beautiful day when I woke up so I went out and got a smoothie and relaxed in the square in between St. Mary’s Church and City Hall for a while and watched the workers get ready for the concert later that day. Then I decided to go try Ananda, a... Continue Reading →

Novi Sad

May 6 I asked the hostel receptionist for a recommendation for some lunch/dinner and she recommended a local place that she said was good and inexpensive. Of course since it was like 4pm I was the only one in there and the waiter didn't exactly seem happy to have to work. Since I planned for this... Continue Reading →

Budapest – Novi Sad

May 6 I’m off to Novi Sad, Serbia today! I got to the train station around 7:35 (my hostel was less than a 5-minute walk to the train station) and the reader board said platform 12 so I headed there just to check and the reader board in front of the train also said it... Continue Reading →

Balatonfüred and back to Budapest

May 4 Turns out, there’s not a whole lot to do in Balatonfüred in the off- season. Aka now. After some research the night before, I found a little train that goes through the city with history and commentary on what you’re seeing. This train was like the Christmas train that rides around Redmond Town... Continue Reading →

Train to Balatonfüred

May 3 Today is my train trip to Balatonfüred! I got up and finished packing, got dressed and grabbed breakfast at the hostel then headed off for the train station. I took the metro to the station and was there quite early, but after almost missing my bus in Bratislava, I decided being super early... Continue Reading →

Last day in Budapest

May 2 My last day in Budapest 😦 My first stop was the Central Market Hall which again is a lot like Pike Place Market. The bottom floor seemed to be mostly locals buying meat, cheese and vegetables. The 2nd floor was definitely the tourist section. There were souvenirs stands along most of the floor... Continue Reading →

May Day

May 1 Today is a national holiday in Hungary- International Worker’s Day. Mark told me that in celebration, there would be an air show over the Danube with Red Bull planes putting on a show and a jumbo jet flying through the famous Chain Bridge. It started at 10 and I attempted to get up... Continue Reading →

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