Budapest – Novi Sad

May 6

I’m off to Novi Sad, Serbia today! I got to the train station around 7:35 (my hostel was less than a 5-minute walk to the train station) and the reader board said platform 12 so I headed there just to check and the reader board in front of the train also said it was going to Beograd (Belgrade in Hungarian and Serbian) so I got on! The conductor didn’t kick me off so I took that as a good sign 😉 We just passed into Serbia after going through border patrol in Hungary and again in Serbia. Traveling by train over the border is nice because the police just come on to the train and check your passport, there’s no getting off and waiting in line. I successfully made it out of Hungary (and the Schengen area) and into Serbia. I was most excited to get 2 new stamps in my passport J I am currently riding through the Serbian countryside and it’s beautiful! (Although there is no Wi-Fi on the train so I’m writing this in Word and you’ll be reading it later). It’s 1:20 now and I’m supposed to arrive in Novi Sad at 2:55 and so far the 5+ hours have gone by pretty fast. I slept the first hourish, then watched Pitch Perfect on my phone and am now watching King Arthur while I write this, so so far so good!  I’ll post this once I get to Novi Sad so if you’re reading it, you can assume I made it safely 😉

I have made it to Novi Sad and to my hostel! So far the hostel is great- the employees seem very nice and I met 2 guys that give the free walking tour and they were also really nice. I just met one of my roommates, Michaela, who just got in as well and she seems friendly. So far, so good! Now off to find some food!


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