A slow start

  April 28 On account of my raging until 4am on Wednesday, I slept until about noon on Thursday. My room at the hostel doesn't have an exterior window, the windows we have look at a covered courtyard that is part of a bar/club so it's pretty dark in my room even during the middle... Continue Reading →

Arriving in Budapest

April 27 I bought a bus ticket from Bratislava to Budapest for Wednesday morning at 11:15. My hostel had told me the bus station was about 10 minutes walk away so I left around 10:50 thinking this would be enough time. At 11:11 I still hadn't found the bus station! I had to ask a... Continue Reading →

Last Day in Bratislava!

I had the room entirely to myself on Monday night, which was a little creepy, but mainly really nice. I ended up sleeping in until almost 1pm! I guess all of these 20,000+ steps days are getting to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I quickly got ready and went to Funki Punki, a creperie/bar that I had found... Continue Reading →

Bratislava continued

There were only 2 other people in my dorm last night, so that was my best nights sleep so far! As a result, I slept in and that was fantastic. I lazily got ready and went for lunch. I had Italian tomato soup with pesto and a Caesar salad with chicken! They were both really... Continue Reading →

Walking Tour of Bratislava

I had decided that today I would go on a free walking tour of the city. We met our guide, Lucia, at 11am in a popular square. The walking tour was 2.5 hours and it was really fascinating! Lucia gave us a lot of history of the city- it was a very important city during... Continue Reading →

Bus to Bratislava!

I woke up Saturday morning, got ready to go, finished packing and then headed downstairs to check out and to get breakfast before taking off for the bus station. I thought I had figured out how to get to the bus station on my own, but I asked the reception just to be certain as... Continue Reading →

Last few days in Vienna

On account of not getting home until 4am and not being able to fall asleep for quite a while, my day didn't start until 2pm on Thursday, so there's not much to write about. I got up, showered, got ready and then went to search for some food. Since it was such a weird time... Continue Reading →

Lots to see in Vienna

Today was a busy day! But to finish off yesterday...I did go out and find dinner at a Turkish restaurant just around the corner from the hostel. It was delicious!! I had a falafel sandwich and hummus with a Turkish tea. The hummus may have been the best I've ever had! It ended up being... Continue Reading →

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