Bratislava continued

There were only 2 other people in my dorm last night, so that was my best nights sleep so far! As a result, I slept in and that was fantastic. I lazily got ready and went for lunch. I had Italian tomato soup with pesto and a Caesar salad with chicken! They were both really good. After lunch I walked up to Bratislava Castle. The view from the top is incredible. You can see three countries at the same time- Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. 20160425_130614971_iOS20160425_130947384_iOS



After the castle I walked up to the Slavin Monument which is on top of a really steep hill so it was exhausting. But the monument was really interesting. It is in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died while liberating Bratislava from the Nazi’s. The Slovaks were very thankful for the Soviet’s at this time as the Nazi’s had occupied much of Slovakia for a few years. Little did the Slovak’s know that the Soviet’s would also end up ruling over them for over 20 years. I suppose the Soviet’s were the lesser of 2 evils though.


20160425_142946230_iOS20160425_143119233_iOSIt’s hard to see, but its a Soviet soldier and he is standing on a broken swastika. 20160425_143410706_iOSThe Russian cross20160425_143621805_iOSThe names of the soldier’s who died.20160425_143723089_iOSThere are graves for some of the soldiers. 20160425_145001491_iOSPeace Meadow.

After the Slavin Monument, I walked back down the hill to the old town and walked around just a little then headed back to the hostel. I blogged and researched some more about getting to Budapest and where to go after that. Then I headed to dinner at Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant!! I got the nachos and they were really good! Not as much cheese as at home, but still delicious! Then I just came back to the hostel and am finishing up the blogs. When I was in my room (my tablet can’t pick up the wifi in my room so I have to come downstairs to the common room) about 1.5 hours ago, there was no other beds made up except for mine so I think I might be completely alone in my dorm tonight! It’ll be nice, but it’s a little creepy :/ I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow 😉

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