Last Day in Bratislava!

I had the room entirely to myself on Monday night, which was a little creepy, but mainly really nice. I ended up sleeping in until almost 1pm! I guess all of these 20,000+ steps days are getting to me 😉 I quickly got ready and went to Funki Punki, a creperie/bar that I had found while researching Bratislava back home. It was amazing!! I finally got to try Kofola which is the Czechoslovak response to Coke when, during the Communist era the Iron Curtain prevented Coke from being imported to Czechoslovakia. It tastes very similar to coke, but is a “national” drink so I’m glad I got to try it. I got 2 crepes as I was pretty hungry…lentil with oriental spices and bryndza (sheep’s cheese) with spring onion. Both were delicious, but the bryndza was definitely the best. Slovak sheep’s cheese may be my new favorite type of cheese! It’s creamy and delicious. After lunch I walked around Old Town some more and took pictures of some hot spots from the tour that I didn’t get photos of the other day. Then I walked along the Danube from the UFO Bridge to the Apollo Bridge (2nd famous bridge in Bratislava), across the Apollo Bridge and then back to the UFO Bridge and across it. It was a much warmer day and the sun was shining so it was perfect walking weather. There is a pretty fancy mall along between the two bridges right on the Danube that I explored for a little- among local stores, it also had a Quiksilver, H&M and Roxy. The path along the Danube has been transformed into a really nice park with grassy areas to lay out/have a picnic and kid’s playsets and even some workout equipment. I can imagine it being pretty crowded during summer days.

After all of that walking I returned to the hostel to get ready for dinner. I also asked reception for help on how to get to my bus station in the morning. Luckily it’s about a 10-minute walk from here, so it should be easy. I decided to go to Old Town and just find a place to eat. There are restaurants and cafes everywhere so I was sure I would find something. I ended up at Urban Bistro which was also delicious! I had a lavender earl gray tea latte, raspberry basil lemonade (flavored lemonades seem to be very popular here) and a club sandwich that had chicken, bacon, lettuce and chipotle mayo on it. I ate most of the bacon even!

After dinner I returned to the hostel and used my free drink ticket that I had gotten when I checked in to grab a quick beer (I had forgotten to use it at the last hostel and didn’t want another free drink to go to waste ;). Then I went to my room and packed because I am leaving for Budapest today! Packing was very easy so I mostly just scrolled through Facebook and Instagram. It wasn’t easy to go to bed at a reasonable time since I had only been up since 1pm! Last night I had 2 male roommates who both stayed in the connecting room so that was nice.

Then this morning I woke up and finished putting everything in my suitcase, checked out and am currently eating breakfast in the common room while waiting to leave for my bus! It was raining when I left my room so I’m hoping that has quit (the common room is in the basement, so I can’t see outside). Hopefully getting to the next hostel is as easy as it was to get to this one!

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