Last day in Budapest

May 2

My last day in Budapest 😦 My first stop was the Central Market Hall which again is a lot like Pike Place Market. The bottom floor seemed to be mostly locals buying meat, cheese and vegetables. The 2nd floor was definitely the tourist section. There were souvenirs stands along most of the floor and the rest was made up of food stalls. I got langos again (fried dough with sour cream and cheese) and then browsed the souvenir stalls. I walked around the area outside as well then went and picked up my train tickets (to both Balatonfüred and Novi Sad). Then I went back to the hostel to put away the tickets and get ready to go to a thermal bath! Budapest is conveniently located along a fault line that provides thermal water to the city. Many baths have been set up around town that you can go relax at for the day. They’re also popular among locals as the water is said to be medicinal and good for body aches and pains. Of course, I forgot my swimsuit so I had to improvise with a sports bra and workout shorts. I figured I would look weird, but oh well!


The baths were interesting. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I got. It felt just like a resort pool. I didn’t find a pool that was super-hot like I was expecting, all of them seemed like a normal temperature for outdoor or indoor pools. And only one pool had a suggested “soak time” of 20 minutes. This was the first time that I really felt like it would have been a better experience had I had a friend with me. Of course, it would be fun to experience any of the things I’ve been doing with someone else, but this was the first time where I felt like having a friend here would’ve improved my experience. I stayed at the baths for about 2 hours then headed back to the hostel to start my laundry and get some dinner. After dinner and laundry, I packed as I leave for Balatonfured tomorrow! I also ended up watching some Netflix and getting caught up on The Blacklist.

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