Train to Balatonfüred

May 3

Today is my train trip to Balatonfüred! I got up and finished packing, got dressed and grabbed breakfast at the hostel then headed off for the train station. I took the metro to the station and was there quite early, but after almost missing my bus in Bratislava, I decided being super early is better than being late! I had to figure out which platform my train was on as it didn’t say on my ticket (or at least I couldn’t understand it if it did). I got on the train at platform and hoped it was right! Since the ticket checkers don’t come through until after you’ve taken off, I just had to hope I was on the right one. The ticket checker didn’t kick me off so I’m hoping I’m on the right one! Currently we’re about 20 minutes away from my destination so I’ll let you know when I get off and make my way to the hotel.20160503_141016000_iOS

Good news! I was on the right train 🙂 I made it to Balatonfüred and then walked to my hotel…it was about a mile, but an easy walk. I got to the “hotel” and it’s really just an apartment complex. My host greeted me outside and then showed me my room and left. She didn’t “check me in” or ask for any money. It was strange. So I got settled and decided I should try to go pay lol I was able to do that but then I asked her for recommendations for food and it was obvious she didn’t speak very much English. So I just set out to find my own lunch. I found a restaurant not too far away from the hotel that had an English menu and the waiter spoke some English. It was a delicious meal! I had shrimp and grilled veggies. Then I walked along the promenade for a ways and investigated other restaurants for later. Then I stopped at a market to buy some snacks and breakfast since I don’t know if there’s really a breakfast place near me. Then I came back to the hotel and investigated some more on what to do in Balatonfüred as it really seems like there isn’t much. I decided I will try to go on a boat tour tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes! Now off to get some dinner.


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