May 27 Today I went on an all day tour to see more of Montenegro. We started driving on the old road that Austro-Hungarians built in 1879 to connect Kotor and Cetinje which was the old Royal capital. It has 25 curves up a mountain and is used for a big car race every year... Continue Reading →


May 25 I woke up nice and early and got to the bus station no problem. The bus was full so we had to share seats. The bus was fairly uneventful- it stopped a few times for quick breaks. While Split and Dubrovnik are both in Croatia, during the drive we had to pass through... Continue Reading →


May 23 Jasmine, Pam (girl from Toronto staying at our hostel) and I headed to Split, Croatia today. The bus left at 11:10 and was pretty uneventful. The bus wasn't full so we each got a pair of seats to ourselves and at the border, the driver just collected the passports and took them to... Continue Reading →


May 20 I got checked out my hostel and hung out in the common room for a little before heading to the bus station which was about a 25-30 minute walk away. As it wasn't raining, the walk was nice and easy and I arrived at the bus station in plenty of time. I bought... Continue Reading →


May 18 I met for my tour at 9am at the main square. It was just me and an Austrian girl about my age. We started at the Tunnel museum. The 800-meter tunnel was built during the siege of Sarajevo to provide supplies to the city. The entrance to the tunnel during the war. If you're... Continue Reading →

Belgrade – Sarajevo

May 17 I booked a minibus transfer from Belgrade to Sarajevo because it seemed like the easiest way to get to Sarajevo and wasn't terribly expensive. I had told the operator that I wanted to leave between 9 and 10 when they asked my preference but then they told me to be ready at 8... Continue Reading →

Belgrade Part II

May 14 I had another late start since I didn't get to bed until almost 4am. I grabbed a quick chicken burger and then made my way to Republic Square to check out the Greek festival that was going on. It was pretty small and unless you wanted to book a trip to Greece, there wasn't... Continue Reading →


The hostel I'm staying at puts on a free (tips based) walking tour at noon everyday so I got ready and went to grab breakfast at Super Natural, a café near the hostel. It was very sunny and I got to sit outside, so it was already shaping up to be a great meal. But the... Continue Reading →

Novi Sad – Belgrade

Mary was also heading to Belgrade so we decided to take the bus together. We headed to the bus station and there was a bus leaving in about 15 minutes for only 600 dinar (about $6). The bus ride was about an hour and a half and of course it was raining when we arrived... Continue Reading →

Underground Fortress Tour

Mary, Peter, Sam and I went to ask Jarkof about the underground tour and he was able to contact the guide and said we could go at 1pm. As it was 10am we decided to go get some breakfast and ended up at eating at a café that is in an old train car, but we... Continue Reading →

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